Our Mission

Educational Endeavour

“Actions expresses priorities” was said by the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Following the footprints, we pledged to action our priorities. Therefore, since the beginning of year 2019, we invested our time in reaching out to more than 500 lives in more than 8 cities across the country. During this endeavour, we conducted several educational programs without charging any tuition fee.

  1. Eight thought collaboration workshops across six cities in India.
  2. Five process engineering workshops across 5 cities in India.
  3. Professionally trained more than 90 candidates under online continuation studies framework.

All programs focused on not only building skills but motivating individuals for setting a constructive goal in their life for serving our society and nation. As a result numerous individuals are now serving the society and nation in their own capacities and regions.

Mission Swa-Raksha

Bharat Sevaks

Mission Swa-Raksha was launched on 21-March-2020, with the mission of serving our society and nation during outspread of the Pandemic “COVID-19”. This team of ‘Bharat Sevaks’ collaborated across PAN India to engage themselves in various relief activities;

  • Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer distribution to general public, state government institutions, hospitals and farmers.
  • Ration distribution to impacted daily wage workers, orphanages and old-age homes.
  • PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) distribution to healthcare workers and hospitals.
  • Donations to PMCares and State Relief Funds of Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Delhi.
  • Donations to Private Welfare Funds like UberCare Driver Fund and Donate A Meal – Swiggy.